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The Power of Super EM

We are all looking for natural organic solutions to improve our environment. Efficient Microbes Technology is widely used in over 100 countries to promote healthy soil for plants and crops, clean water, odour control, waste management and healthier people and animals.  A healthy environment promotes a healthy life for all.  Life is getting better with the help of the authentic, beneficial, effective microorganism technology.  For those of you who use our human health products, it is time to introduce Super EM into your life.

Super EM is a concentrated, all-natural, biological product, which eliminates odours and breaks down solid waste. Super EM utilises the immense power of nature to biologically consume odour-causing toxins and break down waste.

Super EM is not only effective at breakdown of waste solids and harmful chemicals, but also eliminates disease causing bacteria – preventing harmful bacteria from establishing a population in any environment to which Super EM is applied. It is non-toxic, not chemically synthesized and non-genetically modified.
Today I would like to give you just a few of the many uses of Super EM in the home.You can do away with all household cleaning products which are so detrimental to the environment, your health and not to mention the risks of having these products around the house if you have young children.

Some uses of Super EM in the home:

Super EM is a very acidic solution that re-populates surfaces with beneficial microbes.  The presence of these microbes discourages mould, fungus and harmful bacteria from taking root. Super EM helps to eliminate odours from pets, cigarette smoke, and odour-causing bacteria, as well. A small spray bottle filled with EM is handy to keep by the kitchen sink.

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