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Animal Health

“The products that we use is for Troy a Husky that we adopted on the 18th May this year, he was very badly abused his hair was shaven off to the skin so bad that blood came through the skin, he also had a very itchy skin.  He was staved and only weight 18kg when he come to us. For two months we could not get him to eat and he kept on losing weight, but as soon as him give him something for pain he would eat, which mend to use that he was in pain and not feeling well.

Then we started using your products and I can say it turned Troy around in the two months we have being using it.  The change in him was from day one, the cramping stopped as the Pro-Canine helped his stomach lining that was so damaged due to the staving, it helped with his appetite, he started eating and picked up weight and is now a proudly 34kg.  And he looks beautiful with the extra weight. His coat is shining and growing back so beautifully, he is looking like a Husky now.  He is happy, has a shine in his eyes, very naughty, playful and full of mischief, and the most important is has no more pain.

 It is a wonderful product, it changed an animals life, and that is something wonderful, so you can be very proud of your product.” Marietjie


“Significant improvement in dog’s condition. I have two dogs, one is an 11 year old German Shepherd who has a sensitive stomach and a young 2 year old with a sensitive skin. Both of them have shown a significant improvement in condition since I have been adding this to their diet.” Beryl


“My story is one about pigeon racing , it has been a passion of mine for over 40 years. In the pigeon sport in general a lot of use is made of antibiotics, various different ones and cocktails of antibiotics as the birds are continuously exposed to other pigeons and stresses in transport to the race point for liberation. We are continuously treating for respiratory problems and gut problems and because of the over use of antibiotics we consequently have thrush and candida problems as well. The probiotics I have used in the pigeon circles are dry freeze products, they are not cost effective and the results are disappointing.

At the beginning of 2017 I stumbled onto your website in my search for probiotics and was immediately impressed with the knowledge on your site.  I decided to give Hilary a call and ordered a case. Within a week or 2 I started to see a difference in my loft, we are now halfway through our race season and I am having a fantastic season, leading all the averages and championships and the biggest, yes biggest, joy is I have not had my birds on antibiotic once this entire season.

Thanks to EM I find my birds have GREAT resistance and immunity. We recently had a flare up of a one eyed cold on our transporter and my fellow club members were treating flat out with antibiotics. My birds were unaffected and performance stayed good . When I have mentioned to fellow members I have not used antibiotics this year, they just laugh and say impossible. When I look back and start understanding the problem, I now see how I was destroying this fragile little ecosystem within my pigeons and opening the door for a weak immunity and for pathogens to take hold. Truly a GREAT PRODUCT and thank you for that and the knowledge and understanding of it all.” Ian Ristow

“My old boy can be a little bit of a fussy eater sometimes so I wasn’t sure how he would react – I put the recommended dosage (Pro-Canine) over his night time meal and he lapped it up! I’ve noticed to an increase in energy levels in him too. He had a check-up a few weeks ago and the vet is happy with his health.” Sara

“I started introducing Pro-Livestock into the drinking water of my birds (poultry). Within one month I observed dramatic reductions in my mortality rates. Prior to starting application of Pro-Livestock, the mortality rate was 25%, which has now dropped to 3%. In addition the incidence of disease reduced equally dramatically to the point where I have discontinued the use of most of the antibiotics I was previously using. In terms of feed conversion, I have noticed equally dramatic results. My birds achieved optimum slaughter weight at between 6 – 7 weeks which has now dropped to 5.2 weeks since the introduction of Pro-Livestock. Over and above all this, the odour problems normally associated with poultry have all but disappeared. There has been a noticeable and major change in the appearance of the birds. The feathers are white and soft and my customers repeatedly comment that the birds look healthy. Another frequent comment made is that the taste of the meat is different to other local suppliers and is of a superior quality.

This is a truly miraculous technology that I have no hesitation in endorsing to the highest degree.”


“I had a foal born on January 11, 2014. Amber was fine for the first few days and then developed a temperature between 40 – 42 degrees. She also got a runny tummy. My vet came, and she was given antibiotics, anti inflammatory etc. etc.. and it did not work. After 5 different antibiotics, I said no more. She slept most of the time, her breathing was hard from the fever. It was awful. I took her to Onderstepoort to see if they could pick up a problem with her. She was now a month old. Scans, blood tests, manure swabs.. Nothing was out of the ordinary. So they recommended a long term antibiotic for the gut. Luckily, the fevers had stopped but the squirting runny tummy was ever present. She was even put on tablets for lactose intolerance.. Did nothing. Well, I kept her on the antibiotic for one week. She was lethargic and no changes in the runny tummy. The funny thing is she looked the picture of health, except for the brown streaks down her legs.

I then tried, everything I could, yoghurt and slippery elm powder helped slightly… I felt like a mad chemist trying to stop this problem. Tried several probiotics on the market. Did nothing. On researching and talking to the people at Immsyser they recommended EM Technology. I called and emailed Hilary. I got such support and backup, it was awesome. Within the first week, she was making “cow plops”. Within a month she was making normal manure! Every time I have emailed with queries I have gotten quick responses and help. Amber is still on small doses and all my horses are now on Pro Equine. All doing well and with shinny coats. Have also noticed a reduction in the smell of the manure, when they first go. Sorry to be so graphic!

Living in Gauteng, I was concerned with delivery and within placing my order it was on my doorstep in less than 24 hours. Now I have a healthy 10 month old foal. Am so grateful for EM Technology and their help in fixing my baby. Great product and great service.” SF


“My horse had lost a lot of weight through last year’s bad winter and was very thin, and having trouble with digesting his food properly. He was showing signs of ulcers, had very bad ‘runny tummy’ and was just looking awful. Since I started using the EM Pro-Equine, he picked up weight quickly, his coat improved dramatically and he has had NO colic or ‘runny tummy’ ever since!! Thank you for this incredible product, it really has made a huge difference to his well being!!

I was really impressed with how quickly it worked, how reasonably priced the product is and how simple it is to use. So, a million times THANK YOU!!!”



“I have been using the probiotic for animals Pro Equine, Pro-Feline and Pro-Canine for almost a year and a half now and it is the best probiotic I have ever used on animals. Powders of all makes, plain yoghurt have had no effect to that of what I use now, EM.

Being an Animal Iridologist and seeing the toxins and the digestive system not looking good in my horse Great Warrior, it was of great concern and I knew it was coming from his diet, concentrated feeds, environment, injections. So I decided I would test the product and see how it worked before using it on all my animals.

I put 20ml into a syringe and offered Warrior, he sniffed it and immediately opened his mouth. Licking and chewing and looking for more was his reaction, so I knew it was what he needed.
With any other probiotic I offered he turned his face away ,and as I was convinced yoghurt was good for him so I mixed it in the feeds. He ate only because his love of food out ways anything else.
To see the effects I took eye pictures before I started him on the liquid. He was and still is given 20ml twice a day via syringe. I also noted the toxin and pain lines around the mouth and took pictures to see the before and after.

Gradually as the months went passed taking pictures often, I started to see changes for the better. I also noted his droppings did not smell as well as they looked well formed, firm and broke when they touched the ground. There was no undigested food seen.

Great Warrior has such a liking for the EM that he opens his mouth when you come with the syringe, he just loves it.

His whole well-being changed and reading the eyes proved to me that this was the best probiotic Warrior had had. The changes were remarkable. I then changed his diet to a natural diet so he came off concentrated foods and this showed in his hooves.

I have now put my Warm blood called Warlord on to it and within a month there is a change, and for the better. The iridology proves it.

My other animals 6 dogs, 1 cat and 2 kittens are on it daily.

EM PROBIOTIC has definitely worked for my animals and they will remain on it.

So thank you EM TECHNOLOGY from all the animals that are now benefiting from this amazing product.”

Mary Carey – Animal Iridologist 


“I just wanted to let you know about my old cat…I put her on the Pro-Feline probiotic and ran out…she is 17 years old and was losing weight rapidly. She was always constipated and I changed her food thinking it was due to her long hair, she didn’t like the hairball food so I changed it again to the senior science plan food and decided to add the probiotic to her food every morning. She didn’t like it at first but I persisted and noticed that she wasn’t constipated anymore. I wasn’t sure if this was due to the food or the probiotics but it was a good combination so I continued.

Unfortunately, I ran out of probiotic and she went without for 1 week, and I noticed a drastic change in her. She became very constipated again and the only thing that changed from her diet was the probiotic.

I have no doubt that once I start giving it to her again her system will go back to normal and she will continue to gain weight.

Thanks for the amazing products! I tell everyone about your product. We even have the horses on it and I have now put my dogs on also.”



These testimonials are based on observation and feedback only and make no medical claims.