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Free Shipping On All Orders Over R550 Country Wide!

Spring Ready Your Soils

Don’t’ wait until the last minute to prep everything you need for your spring gardening. Now is the time to get your gardens ready for the spring season and it all starts with soil. Soil is where life begins. Composed of minerals, water, air and organic matter, soil provides primary nutrient cycling for plant and animal life. It is alive, dynamic and vital. Yet the amount of fertile soil on the planet has been diminishing at an alarming rate. 

All soils, in any environment, depend on the right balance of microbes in order to grow healthy plants and fight toxins and disease. Bacteria are responsible for almost every essential process that occurs in soils and plants, including fixing nitrogen from the atmosphere (essential to plant growth), processing nutrition for plants to absorb, fighting disease and even photosynthesis.


Compost reintroduces the diversity of microorganisms that ensure optimum nutrition delivery. Compost contains over 30,000 different species of microorganisms with many billions in a single handful. Many of these creatures are lacking in our soils today. These microbes can provide disease resilience, nutrient density, improved soil structure and most importantly, it provides food for earthworms. If we can reintroduce earthworms into our soils, then they will build humus.

Humus houses the microbes that deliver essential minerals and produces a range of nutrients, including B vitamins, that support plant life. Earthworms can compost four times more rapidly than conventional plant decomposition in the soil. They are a critical key to fast-tracking carbon sequestration and compost is the greatest tool to create a disease resistant soil and resilient plants. 

pro soil

Efficient Microbes Pro-Soil is a live, natural, microbial soil management solution containing enzymes, trace minerals, vitamins and the full range of live microbes necessary to influence and balance the soil ecology. The live microbes in Pro-Soil also support the growth of other beneficial organisms already present, bringing a natural balance back to the soil and creating a sustainable, fertile environment. Below is a success story from one of our happy customers who uses Pro-Soil: 

“I grow many fruits, vegetables, orchids, and many more. I have a garden with various plant species. I use the EM Microbial, or EM Pro-Soil as its fondly known, in conjunction with other organics. I wish I could see the little ones [microbes] at work. If only we could work as efficient as them. My plants love them.” Theo

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Efficient Microbes Pro-Soil can help reduce composting turning costs by up to 80% and prevent anaerobic, odor-causing decay. The key to efficient composting is to have healthy decomposition constantly occurring throughout the pile. In all conditions, including low oxygen and anaerobic environments, Efficient Microbes Pro-Soil facilitates healthy decomposition and increased production of stable organic matter particles (humus).

It’s important to make sure your garden’s soil is ready for spring planting which is just a few months away…so get those little microbes into your soil to ensure a healthy ecosystem blooming into spring. Efficient Microbes Pro-Soil contains all of the beneficial microbes needed to replenish your soils, increase plant growth and minimize disease.

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