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A Solution to our Water Problems

It is no secret that we have a huge problem on our hands…water is running out in the Western Cape and Day Zero is all but inevitable. Both the City of Cape Town and WWF have calculated Day Zero to be about two months away on April 21. This day is calculated based on knowing how much water is in the big 6 dams that feed Cape Town and the Western Cape Water Supply System, and knowing how much water is being used by the city’s residents, by agriculture and what is evaporating out of the dam.

For most of us, water is not something you think about. It is just a normal part of our days. We turn on the tap and its there. We don’t think about how much water it takes to do everyday household tasks such as washing a load of laundry or taking a quick shower. Then the severity of a water crisis becomes real and the realization of not having access to water is startling. We should all be looking at how we can save water and what we can do because this isn’t a problem for ‘them’ or for ‘those in the Western Cape. It’s a problem for ‘us’ and how can ‘we’ solve the problem.

water south africa
The re-use of grey water (from your laundry, bath and kitchen sink) for garden purposes is a worthwhile consideration. As the amount of water available to us shrinks in the face of our expanding population and the environmental changes with the latest drought, ‘re-use’ is fast becoming a necessity. However, the smells associated with this kind of set up can cause you to think twice about investing in a grey water system. You need not worry as Super EM is particularly effective in eliminating the odour from grey water systems and enhancing the water quality and clarity. 


Super EM is a 100% natural microbial formula that contains multiple classes of mutually supportive microorganisms (beneficial bacteria) that are grown together, at body temperature, to form a robust consortium of microbes that influence any environment in a regenerative direction. Additionally, Super EM contains the natural beneficial by-products of these microbes’ growth cycle, including antioxidants, minerals and natural vitamins – the very same substances that bacteria produce in natural, healthy environments.

Super EM prevents the build-up of algae and invasive water plants and eliminates any harmful chemicals and disease-causing bacteria in water. It also has the added benefit of being highly beneficial to soils and plants onto which the grey water would be applied. First and foremost though, it would reduce or eliminate odours by entirely natural means.

super em

Waste water typically has high levels of pathogens, suspended solids (SS), protein, mineral salt and chemical compounds. This makes the treatment of waste water extremely difficult without the use of chemicals. The natural beneficial microbes in Super EM act to biologically consume odour-causing toxins and break down waste. By combining distinct species of beneficial bacteria the microbes in Super EM form a robust consortium which is effective in any environment to which it is introduced. Super EM also eliminates disease causing bacteria while in harmony with the environment.

Super EM is highly effective in the following areas:

  • Eliminates 90-100% of all odours from grey water systems, septic tanks, industrial and domestic waste and waste/stagnant water.
  • Breaks down organic waste found in large and small water bodies, septic tanks, drains and sewers.
  • Increases the breakdown of biological solids in pit latrines, extending the life of the toilets and reducing odours and disease-causing bacteria.
  • Reduces ammonia, phosphate and nitrate levels.
  • Drastically reduces fly and mosquito populations in areas where there are odours, such as pit-toilets, waste water and rubbish sites.
  • Improves environment for fish and wildlife in ponds, lakes and rivers.

Super EM

If we do not acquire the right attitude towards water, it is only a matter of time that there will be a shortage globally. Anything that you can do to save water, do it now. 

As the Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to plant an oak tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is today.”

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