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Waste Water & Effluent Treatment

Waste water typically has high levels of pathogens, suspended solids (SS), protein, mineral salt and chemical compounds. This makes the treatment of waste water extremely difficult without the use of chemicals. High contents of organic matter can lead to the formation of malodours as well as the degradation of sulphur, phosphate, and nitrogen.

The natural beneficial microbes in Efficient Microbes products act to biologically consume odour-causing toxins and break down waste. By combining three distinct species of beneficial bacteria the microbes in Super EM form a robust consortium which is effective in any environment to which it is introduced. Super EM also eliminates disease causing bacteria. When used correctly BOD, COD, and suspended solids will be significantly reduced while odour is controlled.

Super EM is highly effective in the following areas:

  • Eliminates 90-100% of all odours from septic tanks, industrial and domestic waste and waste/stagnant water.
  • Breaks down organic waste found in large and small water bodies, septic tanks, drains and sewers.
  • Increases the breakdown of biological solids in pit latrines, extending the life of the toilets and reducing odours and disease-causing bacteria.
  • Reduces ammonia, phosphate and nitrate levels.
  • Drastically reduces fly and mosquito populations in areas where there are odours, such as pit-toilets, waste water and rubbish sites.
  • Beautifies ponds and lakes and improves clarity.
  • Improves environment for fish and wildlife in ponds, lakes and rivers.

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