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Lakes & Ponds

Super EM is a 100% natural water remediation tool effective in eradicating build-ups of algae or invasive water-plant species, removing contaminants and odours from water bodies and improving water clarity.

The build-up of algae and invasive plant species is precipitated by an excess of nutrients in water bodies, combined with conditions conducive to rapid growth (namely warmth and sunlight). These algae blooms and invasive plants lead to all manner of problems for ponds and lakes, namely: congestion of waterways, harm to natural fish life and odours.

The microbes in Efficient Microbes products actually consume excess nutrients and harmful chemical substances found in these environments. Since the bacteria in Super EM simply consume the excess nutrients, the product has no negative effect on the natural plant and fish life found in these environments and is in fact highly beneficial to both fish and plant life.

Efficient Microbes is not, however, simply a tool for remediating compromised water and is also used in Aquaculture operations. Thus, fish life will flourish, water will stay crystal clear, odours and disease will be prevented and plant life will be greatly enhanced.

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