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The problems faced by fish farms are over-stocking of the farms, and the creation of excess ammonium & nitrogen in the water. Overpopulation can result in excessive waste, which can make the fish more susceptible to disease, as well as causing heavy build-ups of organic matter on the bottom of the ponds. The concentration of wastes increases microbial activity and reduces dissolved oxygen levels in the ponds or tanks, effectively starving the fish of oxygen.

There are 2 Efficient Microbes applications that should be used in aquaculture to increase the potentials and production of the operation:

1. Super EM for remediation of the water, reduction of waste residue, reduction of toxins and eradication of odours.

2. Pro-Livestock as a feed supplement, for enhancing growth, immunity and Feed Conversion Ratio in the fish.

These applications, used together, result in a more efficient operation that has cleaner waters, faster growing fish, reduced disease & mortalities and better feed conversion.

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