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Golf Courses & Turf Management

Golf greens, fairways and sports pitches are, for the most part, artificial environments which are yet expected to display perfect growth. When these surfaces are prepared, rolled and watered the natural cycle is interrupted: the nutrients are used and then aren’t returned to the soil. Soil compaction makes it difficult for the roots to promote growth of the plant: the soil begins to lack porosity and is deprived of its ability to provide oxygen to the roots of the grass. Grasses can therefore not grow and the natural cycle is interrupted.

Fertilizers have become the modern solution to replacing these natural bio-compounds, enabling the soil to be manipulated to grow grasses year after year. Artificial fertilizers, however, increase the acidity of the soil, reduce the soil’s beneficial organism population and interfere with plant growth.

Efficient Microbes products contain the full range of natural and beneficial microbes needed to regenerate soils. Applied to assist with growth, soil compaction, disease, thatching, water-retention, root depth and anaerobic soil layers, Efficient Microbes products are cost-effective and show results in a short space of time.

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