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Garden Care

In the growth cycle of plants, grasses and flowers, natural elements in the soil are taken up through the roots of plants and grasses becoming part of the compounds forming the plant. If plants are allowed to die and decompose, these compounds return to the soil as part of a natural cycle.

In modern gardening and horticulture, however, the cycle is interrupted; the nutrients are not returned and soils become depleted. Furthermore, artificial fertilizers increase the acidity of the soil and reduce the soil’s natural nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which are essential to plant health and growth.

Microbes are involved in the life cycle of every organism on earth and play countless roles in life cycle of plants including:

  • Plant Growth
  • Photosynthesis
  • Uptake of Nutrition
  • Nitrogen Fixing
  • Elimination of harmful toxins
  • Disease prevention

Efficient Microbes products contain all of the beneficial microbes needed to replenish your soils, increase plant growth and minimize disease. The microbes in Efficient Microbes have the ability to motivate existing microbes in the soil in a regenerative direction, turning a decaying environment into a thriving one. Efficient Microbes promotes growth, increased photosynthesis, resistance to diseases, increased efficacy of fertilizers and suppression of soil-borne diseases and pests.

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