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Efficient Microbes Technology can help reduce composting turning costs by 50-80% and prevent anaerobic, odor-causing decay. The key to efficient composting is to have healthy decomposition constantly occurring throughout the pile. In all conditions, including low oxygen and anaerobic environments, Efficient Microbes facilitates healthy decomposition and increased production of stable organic matter particles (humus).

Materials treated with Efficient Microbes quickly develop structure and a more fluffy texture allowing oxygen to penetrate into the pile. Anaerobic pockets become aerated and the overall quality of the product is improved while reducing management time and cost. Microbial density and diversity improve and nitrogen availability increases in composts treated with Efficient Microbes.

The benefits of using Efficient Microbes products for composting are:

  • Superior compost producing high yields of healthier, more nutritious plants.
  • Dramatically reduces turning time and management costs
  • Suppresses malodors.

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