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Efficient Microbes products can be used in poultry operations to reduce disease and mortality, increase health and growth, reduce pathogens and noxious gases in breeding areas and positively influence feed conversion ratios.

In poultry facilities, odor-causing compounds like ammonia are health hazards for people who work in the facility, for the animals, and are also a nuisance for the surrounding community. Gases such as ammonia and hydrogen-sulphide adversely affect growth rates, feed efficiency, egg production, the respiratory tract and susceptibility to Newcastle disease.

Efficient Microbes products contain a wide spread of natural & beneficial microbes effective in combatting and greatly reducing levels of noxious gases and pathogens in poultry breeding areas. The anaerobic microbes thrive on gases that are considered harmful to human and animal life, and prevent the build up of disease-causing bacteria. In doing so they also reduce odours and create a healthy environment for the animals.

Used as a feed supplement, Efficient Microbes Pro-Livestock improve digestion and the uptake of nutrition from the birds’ feed, improving feed conversion, growth and immunity.

Use Efficient Microbes Pro-Livestock for enhanced feed conversion, growth and production. Use Super EM for reduction of pathogens and noxious gases in poultry houses.

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