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Beneficial bacteria play a critical role in the health and growth of any animal. They are responsible for 80% of an animal’s immunity, for digestion, and for the processing of nutrition i.e. weight gain and the ability of the animal’s body to use food. They create natural vitamins and antibiotics, and suppress harmful bacteria.

Today, however, few animals get the natural microbes their bodies need to perform optimally. Unnatural diets and chemicals in the animals’ food (even in pastures) destroy the beneficial microbes they should be ingesting. Antibiotics and medicines further decimate the populations of beneficial microbes.

Efficient Microbes products are 100% natural and contain a wide range of natural microbes that restore this natural ecology.

Through ensuring that your animals are getting the beneficial bacteria that they need in their diet, results can be achieved in some or all of the below areas:

  • Increased immunity, and reduction or eradication of mastitis, laminitis, scouring & other ailments
  • Reduction in Somatic Cell Counts
  • Improved Feed Conversion Ratio and reduced feed costs
  • Increased growth & weight and/or increased milk production and quality
  • Reduced antibiotic and medical costs and increased profits

Use Efficient Microbes Pro-Livestock for enhanced feed conversion, growth and production. Use Super EM for reduction of pathogens and chemicals in the animals’ environment, and for processing of manure.

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