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What you should know about Probiotics

Probiotics have become one of the hottest trends for health, and for good reason. The right kinds can help nourish your gut bacteria for your physical and mental well being…however, you need to ensure you are taking the right kind of probiotic to ensure optimal results. Here is a simple breakdown to help you determine the best probiotic for you.

“With probiotics taking the consumer market by storm, it can be hard to navigate through the supplement aisle, deciphering which probiotic formula is best for you. Don’t give up just yet, though! We have the scoop on the difference between ‘pure culture’ and ‘consortia’ probiotics.

Just as the name suggests, ‘pure-culture’ probiotics are single-strain probiotic supplements. Depending on your motivation for supplementation, this may be just what you need. Different strains are designed to target different conditions, providing a unique set of benefits. Typically, however, these single-strain probiotic supplements are produced in a lab and are available in capsule form.

Furthermore, the companies providing ‘pure culture’ supplements are only providing the bacteria themselves, while other brands – like SCD Essential Probiotics® – provide these strains in the broth they are initially brewed in, which contains the metabolic products of the bacteria. These products include enzymes and probiotics, which are beneficial substances.

The easiest way to understand how consortia technology works is to think of it like its own microbial consortium. In this situation, rather than having a handful of organizations or businesses, we have a group of different bacteria strains that coexist in the same ecosystem. What’s interesting, though, is that consortia technology is designed to actually mirror what occurs in nature. With a microbial treatment representative of how nature works, these products tend to be more resilient against the most extreme conditions.”


raw probiotics

Efficient Microbes place a huge emphasis on nature, and to stay true to this principle, our products are consortia-based. Unlike pure-culture probiotics, Rawbiotics contain not one but many different live strains. As a result, users end up with a comprehensive probiotic that survives stomach acid better than freeze-dried brands.

The majority of probiotics available today contain only one or two species of bacteria, grown as pure cultures and then freeze-dried so that they may be kept alive. It is not a natural process, and does not contain the full range of species that microbes usually interact with as a part of their normal life cycle. Moreover, these probiotics are grown in a sterile environment, with no competition, and so when they are introduced to the wild and variable ecosystems of the “real world”, their ability to survive is severely impeded.

Rawbiotics are non-freeze-dried meaning they are alive and in their natural, raw state owing to the reason why they are so effective. So, when we talk about the right kind of probiotic, perhaps it’s important to check if they are pure culture or consortia (how many different strains are in the product) and whether they are live and freeze-dried? 

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Extracts on this page was taken from our partner, SCD Probiotics on Pure Culture vs. Consortia-based Probiotic Supplements: Know the Difference.