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Probiotics and Organic Living

We are all looking for natural organic solutions to improve ourselves and our environment.  A healthy environment promotes a healthy life for all.

In today’s world, staying healthy has become expensive as the price of organic fresh produce and meat is high. Organic food is better as no antibiotics are used in the animal produce and no pesticides or chemicals are used on the crops and in the compost. These chemical substances are all linked to causing big health problems for the consumer.  


But what can we do to protect our family from these harmful chemicals and save money without having to buy organic? Using probiotics, of course!

Taking Efficient Microbes Probiotics will go a long way in eliminating the harmful effects of the toxins we put into our bodies every day.  Prior to the industrial revolution humans would get all the natural bacteria they needed from the vegetables and meats that they ate. Today, chemical farming and the use of pesticides have depleted the natural bacteria from the soils to a huge extent, limiting the bacteria we get through our foods. Without these bacteria, the body cannot function optimally, disease resistance is lowered and one cannot correctly use the nutrition from food. To make matters worse, use of antibiotics can virtually eradicate the good bacteria in your gut. Efficient Microbes Probiotics Human Health Range is based on a unique combination of effective beneficial bacteria that enable your body to function to its full potential.

In addition to this, Efficient Microbes products are widely used to promote healthy soil for plants and crops, clean water, odour control, waste management and healthier animals but today I want to focus on just a few of the many uses of one of our amazing products, Super EM. For those of you who aren’t aware of Super EM, it’s time to introduce it into your life.

Super EM is an effective natural solution that re-populates surfaces with beneficial microbes (beneficial bacteria).  The presence of these microbes discourages mould, fungus and harmful bacteria from taking root.  You can do away with all chemical household cleaning products which are so detrimental to the environment, your health and not to mention the risks of having these products around the house if you have young children.

I would like to give you just a few of the many uses of Super EM in the home:

  • It is always important to wash your fresh produce before consuming it. Soak the produce in Super EM and water as it contains live probiotic bacteria that will minimize the existence of any bad bacteria while keeping the good bacteria and removing any excess chemicals sprayed onto fruit and vegetables. Soak for 10 minutes and then rinse with pure water.
  • Spray on sponges to keep them fresh and reduce harmful bacteria.
  • Super EM eats through grease – use to clean ovens and stoves.No more “deadly” oven cleaners.
  • Spray into dustbins both in the kitchen and outside – gets rid of odours and flies, even in the summer heat.
  • Wash all counter tops, tiles and floors. No need to use harmful chemical products. Once again, you will be eliminating the harmful bacteria breeding in these areas.
  • Spray on wood or plastic cutting boards to discourage salmonella and other harmful bacteria. Wipe down after spraying.
  • Diluted, Super EM can be sprayed lightly into shoes to keep them smelling fresh and on shower curtains to discourage mould.
  • Spray into cupboards with mould problems.
  • Spray into cat litter boxes – reduces the odours, the bacteria and the litter lasts much longer.
  • Spray into pets sleeping quarters to eliminate the odours and keep a healthy environment for your pets.

All in all, it’s about doing what is best for you, your family and your environment. Staying healthy and looking after our planet is a priority and it is important to us if we can help you achieve this.

Natural Cleaner

Super EM is a concentrated, all-natural, biological product, which eliminates odours and breaks down solid waste. Super EM utilises the immense power of nature to biologically consume odour-causing toxins and break down waste.

  • 100% Natural & GMO Free
  • Break down Solid & Liquid Waste
  • Reduces Odours by 96%
  • Reduces the incidence of Disease & Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Cleans Households
  • Cleans Grease & Oil Remains
  • Reduces Fly Populations

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