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Probiotics for Muscle Growth and Weight Loss

Reaching our full physical potential is all about creating a healthy and balanced inner ecosystem, and that begins with our gut environment. The human body is mostly microbial, with all kinds of different bacterial colonies working together to support our lives and keep us healthy. This microbial world within our body must be balanced with an abundance of good bacteria for us to function at an optimal level.

Restoring balance in your gut with probiotics, boosts immunity and digestion, but did you know these healthy microflora also aid in muscle growth and weight loss?

If you’re trying to increase lean body mass, adding probiotics to your diet will ensure more efficient digestion. And that leads to increased energy, better workouts, and easier muscle growth and repair.

Kenneth Bock, M.D., the author of The Road to Immunity, says that gaining lean muscle mass is more work with an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract: “Your colon, stomach and small intestine digest food and absorb nutrients. If either of these processes is hindered, it can result in a loss of nutrients, which your body borrows from skeletal muscle.”

Muscle-building expert and registered dietitian, James Collier, agrees that a good supply of healthy bacteria makes protein more readily available to your muscles, and burns fat more easily.

Probiotics also help prevent intestinal infection, so your body is more likely to absorb more and better nutrients.

With the recent buzz about probiotics, it’s no wonder there are a lot of products at your local health food store designed to boost healthy microflora. But how effective are they really? How can you be sure that these probiotic supplements contain all the friendly microflora necessary to populate your gut, build your immunity, help you digest, and assist in lean muscle growth?

Unfortunately, the truth is that too many probiotic supplements vary widely in quality and potency. One university study recently tested a wide variety of probiotic supplements and found that in four out of twenty products, no sign of living friendly bacteria was present.

Efficient Microbes probiotics is made using a technology that allows for a variety of different classes of bacteria to be grown and maintained stably in a probiotic consortium. It is a unique combination of beneficial microorganisms that operate in a revolutionary relationship with each other and in so doing make living organisms (plants, animals, human bodies) that make our probiotics one of the purest forms of probiotics.

While many yoghurts do contain live active cultures, many include some pretty awful sugars including fructose, cornstarch, and modified cornstarch. Like most yoghurts sold in the store, all that sugar and unnatural ingredients will definitely feed pathogenic microorganisms, like candida. And by the way you can be certain that eating any form of sugar causes you to lose muscle mass.  More importantly, most mass-produced yoghurts (and fermented foods like sauerkraut) are not always potent enough to make a difference. 50% of products do not contain the healthy bacteria that they claim to have had at the time of manufacture.  

Even those that do have enough healthy bacteria may not have the right mix of healthy microflora to repopulate your inner ecosystem. If they’re not prepared in a way that allows the most beneficial bacteria and yeast to thrive in your digestive system, harsh stomach acids can kill probiotics.

Probiotic-rich fermented foods and drinks multiply the nutrition in your food hundreds of times, nourishing you more with less food. On top of that, they help build healthy bacteria that keep you naturally slim. Research shows that people of normal weight have different bacteria in their guts than obese people.With a healthy inner ecosystem, you’ll feel satiated sooner. Plus, microflora reduce cravings for processed sugars and alcohol– two big roadblocks to weight loss and a leaner body.

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss or your muscle growth is stalling, probiotics are the little-known tool for increased health and energy. With probiotics as part of your plan, you’ll have extra help that goes a long way.

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