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Free Shipping On All Orders Over R550 Country Wide!

Soil Microbes Provide Crop Protection & Boost Productivity

Modern day agriculture has seen many new techniques being implemented in order to enhance soil fertility and eradication of various problems. One such unique concept is the usage of soil microbes. A number of new companies, start-ups, and partnerships between companies and universities are on a rise to facilitate the farmers with commercial microbial remedies.

According to Scientific American, soil microbes are already being used in countries like the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Australia. Farmers are implementing them in order to increase the productivity of the crops and build resilience within the crops to deal with climatic changes. Countries in the Asia-Pacific region are also gradually getting into the practice of using the microbial agricultural products. It is being assumed that by 2021, the microbial products market will be worth $5.07 billion.

However, there has not been any such significant progress in the field of using soil microbes in agriculture in the African countries. Invention and application of the soil microbes in agriculture can be helpful especially for farmers with small parcels of land and fewer resources for growing crops.

Efficient Microbes Pro-Soil is a naturally fermented live (non-freeze dried) microbial soil enhancer that increases plant growth and health, and allows you to reduce or eliminate chemical inputs.

Pro-Soil contains multiple classes of mutually supportive microorganisms (beneficial bacteria) that are grown together, at body temperature, to form a robust consortium of microbes that influence soils and plants in a regenerative direction. Additionally, Pro-Soil contains the natural beneficial by-products of these microbes’ growth cycle, including antioxidants, minerals and natural vitamins – the very same substances that bacteria produce in healthy soils.

Pro-Soil acts to benefit plants, crops and grasses in the following ways:

  1. Increased nutrient uptake by plants, grasses and crops, leading to a healthier, faster growing and more disease resistant organism. This means lower input (fertiliser and feed) costs, and increased efficacy from existing inputs.
  2. Re population of soils with a consortia of robust microbes which motivate the existing microbes in the soil in a regenerative direction. Pro-Soil is extremely effective in the rehabilitation of dead soils, and through correct continued use eliminates the need to let fields lie fallow.
  3. Natural balancing of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium levels in the soil.

Below is a video showing the power of these tiny microbes:



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