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Free Shipping On All Orders Over R550 Country Wide!

The Solution for Water Problems

The re-use of greywater (from your laundry, bath and kitchen sink) for garden purposes is a worthwhile consideration. As the amount of water available to us shrinks in the face of our expanding population and the environmental changes with the latest drought, ‘re-use’ is fast becoming a necessity. However, the smells associated with this kind of set up can cause you to think twice about investing in a greywater system. You need not worry as EM Pro-Aqua is particularly effective in eliminating the odour from grey water systems and enhancing the water quality and clarity. 

EM Pro-Aqua (click here to view the product) is a 100% natural microbial formula that consumes excess nutrients in water, prevents the build-up of algae and eliminates any harmful chemicals and disease-causing bacteria in water. It also has the added benefit of being highly beneficial to soils and plants onto which the grey water would be applied. First and foremost though, it would reduce or eliminate odours by entirely natural means. 

EM Pro-Aqua is not, however, simply a tool for remediating compromised water and is also used in Aquaculture operations. Thus, fish life will flourish, water will stay crystal clear, odours and disease will be prevented and plant life will be greatly enhanced.EM Pro-Aqua is highly beneficial to natural fish life and therefore can be effectively used in aquaculture as a means to improve water conditions and enhance the growth and health of fish. 

The two images below show you before and after results of a pond that was treated with EM Pro-Aqua.


EM Pro-Aqua helps to reduce or even eliminate the odours that may be attributed to organic waste. It promotes the digestive process of waste, preventing rotting. This directly reduces production costs and, most importantly, it does this while in harmony with the environment. Through the fermentation pathway, EM Pro-Aqua will consume excessive nutrients away from invasive species, such as algae, reducing sludge and ammonia creating noticeable improvements with dissolved oxygen and reduced turbidity.


  • Growth Promoter
  • Inhibition of Pathogens
  • Reduction & elimination of Odours
  • Improvement in Nutrient Digestion
  • Improvement of Water Clarity & Quality

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