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Free Shipping On All Orders Over R550 Country Wide!

Good Health in 2017 – We Support You

The New Year always brings new goals, new fitness regimes, better diets and a commitment to our health. Even if you are not making big New Year resolutions this year, we encourage you to focus on your health as it is the most important thing we have. When you have your health, you have everything. Without your health, nothing else matters and you have nothing.

It’s time to get serious about your health and we are here to support you and help you achieve it.

Are you feeling bloated after the festive splurge? Are you feeling tired and lack energy to do all the things you love to with your family and friends? Are you feeling run down and need another holiday? No matter how healthy your diet is, do you struggle to lose weight? Are you always getting sick and catching a cold or flu?

We at Efficient Microbes believe in good health and good health starts in the gut. Did you know that 70 to 80% of your body’s immune cells are located in your gut? Your gut is the gateway to the health of your brain and immune system. The gut is often the first entry point for exposure to pathogens (bad bacteria and virus’ that can cause disease); therefore your gut immune system needs to be thriving and healthy in order to avoid illness. This is why maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut is so important.

Healthy Gut

A well functioning gut with healthy gut flora holds the roots of our health. And just as a tree with sick roots is not going to thrive, the body cannot thrive without a well functioning digestive system. The bacteria population of the gut is the soil around those roots, giving them their habitat, protection, support and nourishment. As we know, the roots of a tree, invisible, hidden deep under the ground, play a crucial role in the well-being of every branch, every twig and every little leaf on that tree. In the same way the diverse and multiple functions of the gut flora reach in the body far beyond the gut itself.

No matter how good your diet is, or what supplements you take, your body cannot function 100% optimally without the correct balance of beneficial bacteria. If the gut flora is damaged, the best foods and supplements in the world may not be broken down and absorbed.

Efficient Microbes products are a 100% natural blend of beneficial bacteria that will ensure that your body is able to utilise the nutrition from the food that you eat, prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria, promote a strong immune system and create its own natural vitamins.

So get going with your healthy new year by ensuring your gut is functioning at its fullest potential with the right balance of beneficial bacteria by taking Efficient Microbes Probiotics. There is no better time than now to start living healthy.

We at Efficient Microbes wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and would love to assist in making 2017 your year of health. We are here to support you.

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