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Fatigue? Could Your Gut be Making you Tired?

Fatigue and weariness are common these days due to the stresses brought about by our modern lifestyles. Most people seem to feel exhausted and drained and out of energy after a tiring day of work. There’s no doubt that to be able to consistently work toward your professional and personal life goals, you need to have ample energy. But with jam-packed schedules, endless deadlines, and little time to relax in today’s on-the-go culture, many people rely on caffeine and energy drinks to stay ahead of the game. Fortunately, your good gut bacteria can help you maintain your day-to-day energy levels naturally.

The good bacteria in our gut are responsible for coordinating many important functions in our body, such as helping us digest foods, regulating our immune system, balancing our blood sugar, and reducing temporary inflammation. As it turns out, the good bacteria in our gut also affect our nervous system, which is a big player in our energy cycles.

probiotics for energy

It’s not at all uncommon to be dealing with fatigue and bowel problems, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) simultaneously. The association between gut problems and fatigue has been noted for years, but it wasn’t until very recently that researchers really started putting the pieces of the puzzle together, uncovering how abnormalities within the digestive system are related to fatigue and what can be done to heal both. Feeling chronically tired and also having digestive symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas, and reflux means you likely have a leaky gut along with an overgrowth of bad gut microbial flora and too little healthy flora.

You may be neglecting to take charge of one of the most important aspect of your overall well-being and happiness—your microbiome – the living ecosystem of bacteria living in and on your body. Did you know that a thriving microbiome teeming with beneficial bacteria is one of the most important keys to a balanced and fulfilled life?

A massive 80 percent of your immune system is situated in your gut, right where the bulk of your beneficial bacteria also live. Interestingly, their choice of home isn’t coincidental; these mighty microbes are key players in your immune development and function. By protecting your gut barrier, crowding out and killing harmful bacteria, and teaching your immune system how to respond to various stimuli, the good bacteria in your gut work hard to make sure your immune function is in tiptop shape.

Do you want to take control? A probiotic is the perfect place to start.

First and foremost, probiotics help to break down and digest all the food you eat so you can assimilate the nutrients you need to feel great. In fact, without enough of the good bacteria to fully digest your food, that healthy salad you had for lunch may be nothing more than a beautiful digestive cleanser. What’s more, some probiotics, like Rawbiotics, even produce their own energy-boosting B vitamins. Your friendly flora also work with your own body’s cells to help keep your blood sugar balanced, so you don’t experience the roller coaster of energy levels that can make you feel like you’re either bouncing off the walls or swimming through molasses.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention sleep, because we all know how a lack of sleep can negatively affect our energy levels and well-being. Fortunately, beneficial bacteria produce and regulate important neurotransmitters and amino acids (like serotonin and tryptophan) that help you get the quality sleep you need to recharge and feel your best.

We need energy to keep us going. Fixing your digestion and improving the health of your gut is absolutely essential for total health and for healing from fatigue.

Probiotics can play a vital role in boosting our energy as they work concurrently with our nervous system in producing hormones that are essential for a good mood. But remember, probiotics alone are not enough to provide the necessary energy we need to survive. You need to pair probiotics with the right food and healthy lifestyle to ensure a vibrant way of life.

probiotics for energy

Our energy levels have a tremendous impact on our everyday lives. Thankfully, if we give our body what it needs to keep our gut healthy and strong, our mighty little microbes will work overtime to keep us happy, vibrant, and ready to take on the world.

Rawbiotics GUT balances the function of the gastro-intestinal tract and works to correct imbalances that lead to digestive disorders. A healthy and balanced digestive system plays a very important role in strengthening overall health and well-being.

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