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Can your Gut Protect you from Cancer?

You might not be aware just how important your gut and bowel condition is to cancer prevention. Did you know, your good gut flora will help you prevent and fight cancer?

At one time, the role of gut bacteria in human health was marginalized as a side note that health experts found interesting but not integral. But as more and more research has made clear, the number and diversity of bacteria in the gut can often make the difference between health and disease.

Beneficial gut bacteria is your first line of defense against cancer and many other serious diseases. It does this by boosting your immune system at the places you’re almost always hit first with − toxins, heavy metals, parasites, fungi, and harmful bacteria. In order to boost the immune system, to prevent cancer, you need to boost your colony of good gut flora. Gut health and cancer prevention go hand in hand.

The human microbiome is an incredible network of 100 trillion organisms that live in and on the body. They’re made up of beneficial bacteria as well as fungi, viruses, and bacteria that isn’t so beneficial. We need this microcosm to survive. The relationship between them and the humans who carry them is symbiotic in nature.

Antibiotics disrupt this relationship in a similar way that chemotherapy affects the human body. Chemotherapy wipes out perfectly healthy, non-cancerous cells inside you along with the cancerous cells. Similarly, antibiotics wipe out all bacteria (the bad kind as well as the good kind you can’t live without). Destroying what keeps you healthy simply isn’t a good method of treatment.

Hippocrates first stated that ´All disease begins in the gut´. It is no surprise then that cancer has now been firmly linked to your gut health. The gut, which houses trillions of bacteria, plays a role in preventing or developing cancer, with early evidence for breast, pancreatic, liver, esophageal, brain, stomach and colorectal cancers. It is not just that specific bacteria are involved, it is that your microbiome can make you ill, or make you well. You need to keep it in full health.

Gut health and cancer prevention belong together. It is likely the primary reason native people have a non-existent rate of cancer. They have far lower exposure to toxins, are not inundated with stress, and consume a diet of natural, raw foods that aren’t processed. They also don’t fill their bodies (or the bodies of their children) with antibiotics at every turn. In fact, they have no exposure to pharmaceutical drugs at all.

Building up your gut microbiome is the way to prevent cancer, fight cancer, and live a longer, healthier life overall. You can do this by:

  • Taking a high quality 100% natural daily probiotic to diversify the healthy bacteria in your gut and boost your immune system.
  • Incorporate the food source that healthy gut bacteria eat to survive, in the form of prebiotics, e.g. artichokes, chicory, garlic, onions, leek, shallots, asparagus, beetroot, dandelion greens, fennel, peas, cabbage, nuts, and seeds.

Efficient Microbes Probiotics are based on a unique combination of effective beneficial bacteria that enable your body to function to its full potential. Success has been had in the areas of cancer and tumours. Multiple testimonials have been received of Efficient Microbes probiotics assisting in the reduction of tumours and the patients putting on weight and getting healthy again. Cancer, like any other terminal disease, is very often assisted by the build up of pathogens in the intestines and the rest of the body, hindering the normal function of the body.

Read two of our customers success stories below:


“I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer growth on my thyroid and was operated on to have my thyroid removed. I received radiation twice but this had no effect. The cancer count just became worse. I started taking Efficient Microbes Probiotics. I had a thorough blood test, sonar and CT scan and saw my oncologist. She was absolutely amazed/ flabbergasted at the results. I am absolutely convinced that the Efficient Microbes Probiotics did the trick. It is truly magic muti and I will continue using it all the way to my grave!” Geraldine


“I’ve gone through the entire chemotherapy process and am only 2 days away from finishing the radiation treatment and am still feeling very strong. I did not experience any of the nausea, loss of appetite, change of taste or metallic taste in my mouth, side effects that people talk about during chemotherapy. I also didn’t suffer from fatigue. I believe Efficient Microbes Probiotics is a miracle product!” Brenda

The gut health and cancer connection is real. Beneficial bacteria in the gut can be used to empower the immune system to fight cancer. There is no reason why you can’t start taking care of your body today for cancer prevention or to fight this horrific disease.

Rawbiotics GUT balances the function of the gastro-intestinal tract and works to correct imbalances that lead to many chronic diseases.

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