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What your Body Needs to Function Optimally

Hippocrates was once quoted for saying “all disease begins in the gut.” Time is proving Hippocrates to be a pretty smart guy, and science is even now linking poor gut health with a myriad of health problems.

From eczema to poor immune health, it seems that our gut health influences much more than we previously realized. If all disease begins in the gut, it is logical to realize that perhaps optimal health begins here as well.

Overall, there are ten times the number of bacteria in the body as actual human cells, and this colonization of bacteria (good or bad) can weigh up to three pounds (about 1.5kgs). With such a large concentration of bacteria in our bodies, it is logical that we depend rather heavily on them for health.

Your body needs good bacteria to function normally and maintain good health – but modern living and fast food often get in the way.

In our modern society, we’ve effectively managed to pasteurize, irradiate, and process out any naturally occurring beneficial bacteria while at the same time feeding harmful bacteria with a feast of processed starches and sugars.

On top of that, we sanitize our children from the moment they are born, afraid to ever let them encounter bacteria, good or bad, which are necessary for immune development.

Beneficial bacteria is necessary to properly digest food (especially starches) and to absorb nutrients. It plays a big role in overall immunity. With the rise of digestive problems like IBS, Crohn’s disease, Celiac Disease, colitis, allergies, etc., a good dose of beneficial bacteria is what we all need.

The good news is that while outside sources are constantly working against our good bacteria these days, there are ways to boost good bacteria naturally and you can ensure this by taking probiotics to maintain a healthy bacterial population.

Below is a success story we received from one of our customers about her experience with Efficient Microbes Probiotics.

“I was only expecting improvement in the way of balancing the colon, so a lot of these other areas are a bonus and I was not looking for them. I am a systematic person when it comes to taking medication/vitamins daily. When I wash the Efficient Microbes dose container after use – I pour the water onto an African Violet plant which I am striking in the kitchen. It has gone insane and has flourished with about twelve baby leaves!!

I personally have been on it for 5-6 weeks now and am definitely benefiting from it in numerous ways. I guess it works differently in each person depending on what areas of the microbes need to be adjusted. To mention a few for your interest that I have noticed:

1. My energy levels have increased dramatically. (I do not smoke or drink or eat unhealthy in the first place – but I think fatigue comes from long hours of work, general stress daily and age…natural slow down – I am 50 years old). So, to get up easily in the mornings and work easily in the evenings after a day’s work is a great bonus for me personally. I also used to grab the chance for an afternoon nap if I could get it, but now that is no longer as critical as I am not so tired by the weekend. I must admit I am a bit afraid that my body will get “used” to it and I will go back to being tired again.

2. My skin has improved amazingly – not that it was bad, but I was amazed that the big pores that I had on my face have decreased quite a bit (more that I could get out of a top cosmetic product for pores) and am convinced that my skin is softer and healthier.

3. My colon has improved – less bloating and now I do not have to take meds to assist me as often. I still do occasionally take something to assist including extra fruit. I understand that Efficient Microbes is not a “cure all”, but I feel that it has helped me about 60% in this area. I had food poisoning last week whilst traveling to Cape Town. I was very ill, but my quick recovery was amazing as I am usually exhausted the day after a bout of this. The next morning I was up and hungry and ready to go! I have to put this down to the Efficient Microbes Probiotics.”

Below is a video showing the power of probiotics and why we need good bacteria for our body to function normally and to maintain good health.



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